Dr.ssa Darja Kavčič



Mala Čolnarska ulica 5a, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Professional Qualification:  B.Sc. Ec,  Reflexotherapist, Tibetan bowl therapist,  Floritherapy therapist, Cupping therapist, Aerobic Fitness Instructor,  future Naturopath.

My name is Darja. After finished Faculty of Economics, I soon realized, that this is not the field, I would like to work in forever. I always wanted to help people in different ways, with different tools. So I started  visiting different educational programs and became reflexotherapist, therapist with beautiful Tibetan bowls, Cupping therapist , took specialization in Floritheraphy, and now I’m finishing the last year of Naturopath school Saeka in Ljubljana.  I know, that without proper diet in our lives, our actions are also more difficult, so having the knowledge about DietaGIFT is crucial to me.